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Audubon Park


The history of Audubon Park goes back to the beginning of the second World War. The town was called Audubon Village and was part of the Borough of Audubon. Workers for the New York Shipbuilding Corp, located in Camden, NJ needed housing for their families.

   For your Information

New Address is 2 Road C, Audubon Park

Borough phones will take at least 48 hours to transfer to our new location.

Mayor & Council Introduce a 0% Increase Budget For 2018

The Mayor introduced the completed 2018 budget with no increase to the residents of Audubon Park. This Budget includes all programs from previous years, as well as funding to continue the town center project. The governing body is proud to continue to provide a safe and affordable place to live for all residents of Audubon Park. Our budget hearing will be on May 7th as part of our regular meeting.

Rabies Clinic

Mayor Pennock would like to thank the following individuals for taking time out of their Saturday, April 21, 2018 to work the free rabies clinic in Audubon Park.

Rabies Clinic Team
(Left to Right) 
Robin Hartling, Gail Barnett-Wolenter, Nancy Rusinko, Vet Asst., Mayor Pennock,
Dr. Karen Hoffman, Vet, Kirsten Stokes


The Police will be enforcing this Ordinance.

Thank you for your cooperation with this matter.

Mayor & Borough Council

Kiddie Recall



Kidde Recalls Fire Extinguishers with Plastic Handles Due to Failure to Discharge and Nozzle Detachment: One Death Reported


The Senior Store... New Location

The Senior Store

Spring 2018


Attention Seniors Citizens

Rohrer Towers 1 has a short waiting list for apartments in subsidized housing.

See Flyer

Application for Meals on Wheels

Home Delivered Meals

See Application


Council Connection

September 2017 Newsletter


Senior Activities

Activity Dates
Line Dancing Classes for Seniors Mar 1 through June 6
Create Your Own Masterpiece Mar 3 through June 23
Aqua Aerobics Mar 5 through May 24
Billiards & Bowling Mar 7 through June 20
Chair Yoga Mar 14 through May 21
Meditation For Seniors Mar 21 through May 30
Healthy Meals for Health Seniors Mar 21 through May 23
Tai Chi Classes for Seniors Mar 27 through June 5
Senior Prize Bingo April 24
Introduction to Pickleball May 2 through June 6

Safe Care CAMSafe Care CAM

Protect your loved ones receiving care


Operation SAL (Save A Life)


H.A.L.O. Program HALO

Healing Aftee a Loss to Overdose


Food Safety Tips

FEMA Food Safety Tips



IACSAnimal Control Services

Now Provices by Independent Animal Care Services LLC.

Visit their website at for more information


Support Our Police

We Support our Police

Support our police signs and t-shirts are
available for $10 each from the Local PBA.

In a few days, I will have a link to their
facebook page


IMPORTANT - Dog Owners

It is against the law to walk a dog without a leash.

Important Notice

There has been a rash of cars being broken into in the Borough of Audubon Park.  We are asking all residents to lock their cars no matter where they are parked.  Also, please remember to LOCK your vehicles at all times.

If someone see anyone breaking into a car in the Borough of Audubon Park, please call 911 immediately. 

How To Apply For A Raffle/Bingo License


Trash Collection

Trash is picked up every Friday in the Borough of Audubon Park.  Recycling is picked up the first and third Thursdays of each month.  The Borough has an ordinance that prohibits trash and recycling from being put out any earlier that 24 hours before trash day and trash cans must be returned to your property within 24 hours of removal.  Anyone violating this Ordinance will have their trash cans confiscated. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Open RFP's for Various Professional Servies for 2016

Dog and Cat Licenses

Annimal LicenseDog and Cat Licenses may be purchased by mail, by submitting a copy of your current rabies vaccination, whether pet is spayed and neutered, along with all appropriate information, such as your name and address, phone number, pet’s name, pets breed and color and fee:

DOGS (Spayed/Neutered) $11.20
DOGS (Not Spayed/Neutered) $14.20
CATS $10.00

Please use this sample dog license to provide necessary information to receive dog license by mail. Proof of rabies must be supplied.

Trust Other Account - Animal License


The Trash men will not pick up bagged leaves and the Maintenance Department will not open bagged leaves. It is the responsibility of the residents to put the leaves at the curb (unbagged). If you have bagged leaves out it is your responsibility to take the leaves out of the bag.

What you can do to preserve Peter’s Creek for future generations



Mr. and Mrs. LeFebvre donated oxygen masks for pets to the Audubon Park Volunteer Fire Department and the West Collingswood Heights Fire Department.






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