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Audubon Park

Audubon Park is a Borough in Camden County, New Jersey. Audubon Park was incorporated as a borough on July 3, 1947 from portions of Audubon Borough based on the results of a referendum held on October 28, 1947 making it the most recently created municipality in Camden County. There are 499 homes within 1 square mile.

Borough Council - which Governs the law, police, library, JRK Building, public safety, streets, trash, tot lot, hockey rink, Fire Department building and School building. Regular Meetings are held the first Monday of each month and Working Sessions are held on the third Monday of each month.

Karen Lewis
Karen Lewis, President
Judy DiPasquale
John Carpinelli
Dennis Delengowski
Dennis Delengowski
Gloria Jones
Gloria Jones

Sandy Hook
Sandy Hook

Position Chair Alternate
Director of Finance Lawrence E. Pennock Mr. Carpinelli
Director of Personnel Mr. Carpinelli Mr. Delengowski
Director of Public Safety Lawrence E. Pennock Mr. Robert Fisher
Insurance/JIF Mrs. Jones Ms. Hook
Director of Communications Mr. Delengowski Mrs. Jones
Director of MPB Ms. Lewis Office Staff
Director of Senior Citizens/Community Affairs Mrs. Jones / Office Staff Gail Barnett-Wolenter
Director of Property Mr. Carpinelli Ms. DiPasquale
Director of Planning Lawrence E. Pennock Council
Director of Library Mrs. Jones Ms. DiPasquale
Director of Public Works Mr. Delengowski  
Director of Board of Health Ms. DiPasquale Dawn M. Pennock
Director of LSF Ms. DiPasquale  

Dawn Pennock
Borough Clerk
Deputy Tax Collector
Alternate Registrar
Gail Barnett Wolenter
MPB, Office Assistant
Deputy Registrar
Darlene Alfonsi
Registrar of Vital Statistics
Dawn Thompson
John Bruno, Jr.
Asst. Treasurer
Margaret King
Accounting Clerk
Ryan Giles
Tax Collector /Qualified
Purchasing Agent
Mayor Pennock
Director of Public Safety.
Rosemary Romeo
Mary Talucci

Robert Fisher
Emergency Management

Matthew Gindele, Esq.
Conflict Attorney
Stuart A. Platt
Nick Petroni
(Petroni & Associates)
Municipal Accountant
Terry Stagliano
Tax Assessor
Greg Fusco
Key Engineers

In Case Of Emrgency

In case of any Emergencies

In case of any emergencies, The John R Kerfoot Building and Community Hall will serve as emergency housing when needed.  Audubon Mutual Housing Corporation - Any information regarding housing should be directed to 856.547.4550.

Our official newspaper for posting notifications are the RETROSPECT and the COURIER-POST.

All meeting information and any advertisements is posted on the 2nd floor in the hallway by the Clerk's office .

Council Meeting

All Borough Council Meetings are now being held at the MPB (Annex) behind Albatross Road on Road "A" in the Borough of Audubon Park at 7:00 PM.



Audubon Park Borough